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Based in Geneva, Switzerland – home to many United Nations agencies and global non-governmental organizations – Thomas Netter partners with St. John Communications to develop effective communications strategies and to guide their successful implementation.

With many decades of combined experience serving international organizations and enterprises, this partnership has the knowledge, connections, creativity and expertise to help you create exceptional outreach that drives success in meeting organizational goals.  Our clients know that our experience enables us to quickly integrate with their team, hit the ground running and deliver solutions in short order.


  • Strategic communications and planning, both external and internal, vision and message development and management, thought leadership development and fund-raising support. 

  • Hands-on communications support and management, communications and public relations capacity building, public outreach, public and media relations, advocacy and campaign management.

  • Development of technically sound content – whether a report or media materials, exhibitions and visuals – that is carefully conceived, well written and designed to motivate both targeted and general audiences.

  • Creation of knowledge-sharing platforms that create communities of interest and reach an optimum level of impact through content- and user-intuitive organization.

  • Media training and impact evaluation. 

About Thomas Netter


Thomas Netter has managed complex, ground-breaking and crisis response communications and media outreach programs for high-profile international organizations including the United Nations, the International Labour Organization and the World Health Organization. He developed his writing skills while working for the Associated Press, the New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, and the Chicago Tribune and covering major international news. Moving into the communications field with the WHO at the early stages of the global AIDS epidemic, he developed information and communications strategies and launched the first World AIDS Day. At the United Nations and the ILO, he forged new pathways into the social media era, developed media strategies to increase visibility on a wide range of complex economic and social issues, conceived and helped launch the World Day Against Child Labour and produced award-winning video documentaries on social issues. He has lived and worked in Geneva, Switzerland for more than three decades.

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